About dangie.com
Back in 1997, Moe Dangie's grandsons, Anton and Clifton Dangie decided that they would set up a website for the good of the world to rate and review camp and canoe companies throughout Missouri.
To date, seven trips have been made. Please see our past events page for info on the resorts we have visted. We have tried to be subjective on all ratings, but sometimes certain circumstances make it hard to be subjective.
History of Moe Dangie
Once in a great while, a man is born who is destined to change the world and make a difference. He is put on the earth to do good things, help people, and unknowingly have his name put in the history books. This type of man would rank right up there with George Washington, Martin Luther King Jr., and Thomas Edison. Now think of the exact opposite of this type of man and you have Moe Dangie. He didn’t change the world or make a notable difference, but what he lacked in I.Q. he made up for it with heart.

Moe Dangie was born in a no name town in Izard County, Arkansas. He was raised on the lakes and rivers of the Ozark area and became an expert at handling a canoe in any situation. He turned his love for the water into a small business making canoes. It was enough to put food on the table and put cheap beer in the fridge and that was all Moe needed to be a happy floater. Moe made some small contributions to mankind while he was on this world. He was the first person to come up with the beer-on-a-rope koozy, which is a must when floating. He never knew what a patent was much less how to obtain one so he never got credit for his invention. There was a rumor that he worked as a technical advisor when the movie Deliverance was being filmed, but the Hollywood hierarchy was so disgusted by his representation of what his homelife was like, they decided not to put his name in the credits. After his brief brush with stardom, he returned to his 1st love, the river. He floated until his death at the ripe old age of 76. His dying words were a rebel yell and his own Dangie call that he used on the river, "BWAAAAAHAAAA".

The only record of Moe’s offspring is his daughter Floris, who is the mother of only remaining male members of the original Dangie clan. Moe wanted her to have a better quality of life and he told her to go and move up in the world. She took his advice literally and moved her family to southern Missouri where she passed down the river traits that were inbred into her. Now Anton Enos and Clifton Clem Dangie are in search of the perfect river to float, a "Floater’s Nirvana", and invite folks outside of their gene pool to enjoy the many rivers Missouri has to offer.