Dube's Three River Campground
June 2-4, 2000
We went to Dube's because it was recommended by one of the friends of the Dangie Clan. He said it was clean, nice and pretty cheap. We would have to agree. Click on the pictures to make them larger.
This is the whole Dangie Clan sitting on the beautiful Elk River.
REVIEW: by Anton Dangie

After our last trip to Huzzah Valley, a re-enactment of the pig scene in "Deliverance" the movie would have been a delight. However this trip excelled in more ways than we could have imagined.

When we were getting close to the day we left, I kept checking the weather for Pineville, MO. All weather.com kept saying was RAIN all weekend. Crap! I was trying to avoid having a total !@#& weekend like last time. I figured, we would take our chances, so we all met at the designated spot with beautiful weather in Kansas City. We started south. As we got further and further, it got cloudier and cloudier. I was worried. By the time we hit Joplin it was a down pour.

Our dining fly courtesy of Clifton's Dad
Joplin was only about 30 minutes from the camp. We were worried because no one wanted to set up camp in a torential down pour. We kept driving. Once we hit Pineville, the rain had stopped and it was a beautiful sky. Kick Ass! Everyone started to set up and enjoy the adult beverages.

Dube's is different from any canoe rental place we have been. Normally there is a store of some kind where you check in and pay for everything when you arrive. At Dube's the store was a lean-to and a folding table with a cranky old man checking you in.

He was pretty funny, but made sure that no one parked on the grass once everything was set up. If you look at the grass, you will understand why. It is perfect.

Our Dangie Camp Site
As you can see here, Clifton and myself wasted no time changing into our Dangie clothing to procede down to the river and partake in some beverages.

We helped set up and camp site and de-bug with 400 citronella tiki-torches and 500 citronella candles. Needless to say, there were very few bug bites this weekend.

Everyone got settled cooked dinner and then started the Friday night party. Here are some pictures from the party on Friday night. Hopfully no one is too embaresed.

Anton stoking up the fire
Lacey and Molly enjoying the evening
Troy and Evan semi-flipping off the camera


Dina and Coleen, live it up. John and Anton in the background
Edward and his homey's kickin' back a 40 ouncer!

As you can probably tell, we enjoyed the evening.

A little about the facilties. Dube's is a pretty small campground comparitively, but is very nice. They have electric hookups for those who want to bring Hiltons and they even have water.

The showers were hot and had plenty of pressure. That's all you can ask for in canoe trip campgrounds. The toliets were clean, but had VERY short walls. I don't know about you, but I like privacy when trying to get the job done, and if that's what you're looking for, this is not the place to do the job.

Luckily, there a store 3 minutes away, where you are private and clean. Thank God for the grocery store.

Anton and Jenny Dangie. "I don't like picture!"
Fred livin' large
"Do a little dance, make a little". . .wait a minute, no.
Mike relaxing by the fire
"Melissa drank the Yucca!"
The river was nice, it was a little cold, but after floating and paddling we recommend, starting from the camp and floating down. It is a much better float. Also, don't float more than 7 miles if you want to have fun on the way down. (Way too much work.)

All in all, we would recommend going back to Dubes. It was a lot of fun and very clean. In fact our next trip will take us to the same river, only farther down. We'll let you know what we think. Until then, don't ever forget, MOE DANGIE RULES!

If you look close, that weirdo in the tree is our own, FRED!