Huzzah Valley Resort (Not really, but they like to call it that)
August 6-8, 1999
We went to Huzzah because Anton had been many years ago and had fun. He thought it would be better, but boy was he wrong. Huzzah has a nice website which details much of the information about the facilities and what their pricing includes, but don't let the website fool you. Read the review below to see what I mean.
REVIEW: by Clifton & Anton Dangie

Where do I begin? I could just write that, which says it all but then I wouldn’t get to vent my frustration and tell you campers why you shouldn’t go to Huzzah Valley. Our experience here was as close to camping hell as you can get. It all started when some kid pulled out in front of us 45 miles out of Kansas City. This accident delayed the trip about 5 hours, due to rental car/van issues and the quality service in Knobnoster, MO.

Our wonderful accident 45 miles out.
When we arrived and checked in with the register lady (we’ll call her Demon spawn) was very rude and couldn’t figure out how to split the cost for the 5 canoes we rented. Once Demon spawn got her gray matter working we left and set up camp. The sites are huge and covered with trees and we were quite impressed with the size of the whole place. Each site has a grill grate and picnic tables and we were right next to the river which is always a plus.
The Other Car!
I have mixed feelings about the float on Saturday. On one hand, the river is a good one to float on with a lot of beaches along the way to stop and relax. There were some rope swings and cliffs to jump off of so you can enjoy things other than just working the paddle. On the other hand, there were way too many people on the river and that makes for a frustrating float. Looked like a Los Angeles traffic jam with 4 accidents at every corner.
Our Dangie Camp Site
Its one thing to have a bunch of canoes on the river at one time but when you throw big, cumbersome rafts into the mix, small kayaks and the occasional tube floater, what a nightmare. Huzzah doesn’t care about whether or not you have a good time, they care about how much money they can make.

Minnie Dangie (belongs to Anton)
That brings me to my next point. Other than the toilet, there is a price tag on everything. Firewood is pricey, showers cost 50 cents. I’m surprised there wasn’t some guy standing outside the john charging for squares of toilet paper. Believe me when I tell you that there are better places to camp and better rivers to float on and for a lot less money.

Campsite setup.

Our rental van.
It rained a lot of the weekend, but we made the best of it. We had to turn in at 9 pm on Saturday due to a storm. The storm got so bad, at 2 am, to our dismay, we were told to pack everything up (at 2 am remember) and leave. &%$@*!!!! That is exactly what we were thinking. Apparently Cletus and Gomer decided the river was close to breaching it's banks and we needed to leave. We had to drive 4 hours (at 30 mph) to Jefferson City to find a room. We arrived at 6 am in the morning and slept for 6 hours and then drive home.

As you can probably tell by our great (yeah right!) experience at Huzzah Valley Hell Resort, we all decided that we will never go back unless they fix their attitude, lower the cost and allow people to have a good time. Save your money or go somewhere else.