Liberty, MO Chili Cookoff
May 20, 2000

REVIEW: by Clifton Dangie

We had a good time at the Liberty Chili Cookoff but there were many things that would have made it a whole lot better. I would have to say that my biggest complaint is a toss up between the occasional bad singers up on stage or the fact that we had to make the chili that morning. I guess I can look past a fat lady butchering a great hymn like "The Old Rugged Cross", but I'm not moving on my postion about chili flavor. What is the rule of chili, stew, salsa, etc? IT'S ALWAYS BETTER THE SECOND DAY! Since we couldn't let the Hillbilly Chili simmer through the night, we had to rush around to get things cooked in a few hours. Needless to say, Anton and I have not yet perfected the art of making instant chili and we hope we never do. We didn't win a single thing but the people were nice and the other competitors had some good chili entered. After the festivities, I personally fraternized with an opposing team to discuss the days events and in a little corner bar in Liberty I actually met ourong lost Uncle Jeb. He's still the same after all of these years. Missing teeth, drunk as a skunk, talking jibberish the whole time we discussed old Moe. I think we'll make the journey to Liberty again next year. If not for the people and friends we have made, at least I'll be able to see Jeb again.