Niangua River Oasis Canoe Rental & Campground
May 21-23, 1999
We decided to go to NRO, because Anton and Enos had been before and is it relatively cheap. NRO has a website which details much of the information about the facilities and what their pricing includes.
REVIEW: by Clifton Dangie

If we could only say one thing about Niangua River Oasis it would be this. That river is frickin’ cold!!!!!! Not chilly, not cool, but cold like a penguin’s rump on a block of ice. Normally, after we set up camp, we head down to the river with a cooler full of beer and sit in the water and drink. You can’t do that until late summer when the river doesn’t make you gasp when you step into it.

Anton and Clifton drinking, er, swimming.
Despite the temperature of the river, it is a good river to float on because it is slow and wide in many places. There is a rope swing right by the campground which was a blast. The Dangie crew had a good time and this was our first float with folks outside of our gene pool.
The campsites are O.K. since there is only a bus wheel for a fire pit but no grill.
Clifton kicking back with Moe's invention.
The sites have quite a lot of trees but the ground is rocky so bring your air mattresses campers. The bathrooms and showers up by the store were clean and the water was hot. The store had a good selection of must-have items but while inside making a purchase, a camper couldn’t buy hot dog buns because they were out. That is one of the many things a store should not run out of and for what they charge, its a good thing they were out.
Anton and wife, notice who's working.
Moe would have been proud as I came to the rescue of that poor young lady and offered her our extra bag of buns. The folks that run NRO are friendly and helpful but there is a problem with communication. On many occasions when we bought firewood the register lady didn’t give us a receipt so when we went to get the wood, the Woodmen would stop us since we didn’t have a receipt.
The two brothers showing tattoos.
If you go to NRO either bring your own firewood or ask for a receipt.
We will be back at NRO in the future to see if they have improved their already quality canoe operation. With a little luck, they might get another can on the scale next time.
The two brothers showing tattoos.