Twin Bridges Canoe & Campground
July 3-5, 1998
We decided to go to Twin Bridges, based on recomendations from friends. Twin Bridges has a website which details much of the information about the facilities and what their pricing includes.
REVIEW: by Clifton Dangie

Twin Bridges was a slightly above average place to float. I highly recommend to go there over the July 4th holiday since you can see an awesome fireworks display in the nearby town of West Plaines, Missouri.
Let me get the bad stuff out of the way first. The outhouse on our side of the campground was so dirty, it looked like it hadn’t been cleaned since the Nixon administration.

Anton and his wife setting up
The river is somewhat tricky in places and in a 5 minute period you can go from fast moving water to getting out and pushing. We did a long float and the markers for letting you know where your at on the river were not what they told us. We thought we had 4-5 miles left and we did it in a half an hour. You do the math because I’m just a dumb Dangie.
Our wonderful wives
Now for the good stuff. The people who run Twin Bridges are very cool and if you look up hospitality in the dictionary you will see the staff’s picture. They have a great store with all of the Dangie supplies you would ever need for a float trip. The shower and bathroom facilities, located next to the store, are clean and were never crowded.
Anton cooking some fixins
Back at the campsite, which was a short walk to the river, there was FREE FIREWOOD! I have never seen free firewood at any other place but if you camp here, be sure to bring a saw because it is rough sawn lumber, not logs. The sites are nice and they sit underneath a lot of trees which is always a plus in the event of rain. All in all we had a great Dangie time.
If you want an out of the way place to have a float trip and you don’t want to shell out a lot of cash, Twin Bridges is the place.
Anton and his wife canoeing down the White river